AskCIS #26 | How can I celebrate the wonder of Christmas when I'm constantly playing through the festive period?

Dec 22, 2022, 11:00 AM

Christmas is a time when most of us stop playing, taking time off work or study and sport to be with family and friends. But what if you're a professional athlete? Christmas is one of the busiest periods for professional football and rugby players, as well as many in other sports. So how can you take time out to celebrate the wonder of Christmas during a busy playing and training schedule?

(0:00) - Intro
(0:22) - Today's Question
(0:40) - Missing out? 
(1:49) - The first nativity
(3:12) - How did the shepherds & magi respond to Jesus?
(4:36) - How will you respond?
(5:09) - Four practical tips