Jeremy Greene - on the limits of telehealth

Episode 3,   Dec 31, 2022, 10:03 PM

Join us in our conversation with Jeremy Greene, MD PhD. Jeremy is the William H. Welch Professor of Medicine and the History of Medicine, as well as the director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Medical Humanities & Social Medicine (which sponsors this podcast) and the Johns Hopkins Department of the History of Medicine. In this episode, we talk with Jeremy about the symbiotic role of medicine and the humanities from his perspective as an MD PhD; about how history can “reshape the limits of the possible” and push back against the “inertia of entrenched power”; about his most recent book, The Doctor Who Wasn’t There: Technology, History, and the Limits of Telehealth; and about how and why the medical humanities must be a “critical” field. 

Jeremy Greene, Prescribing by Numbers: Drugs and the Definition of Disease (2007) 
Jeremy Greene, Generic: The Unbranding of Modern Medicine (2014) 
Jeremy Greene, The Doctor Who Wasn’t There: Technology, History, and the Limits of Telehealth (2022) 
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