How To Start Your Own Fashion Business with Kathy Rodriguez

Season 5, Episode 11,   Jan 13, 2023, 05:59 PM

In this episode of the Diagnosis Success Podcast we interview Fashion Business Owner Kathy Rodriguez. Kathy Rodriguez started her business Kay Koutture that features a wide array of styles for women and men. 

KayKoutture (pronounced "Kay couture") was founded by Katty Rodriguez, an entrepreneur, designer, creator, and beauty and fashion Instagram blogger.

She was born and raised in Brooklyn after her parents immigrated to New York from the Dominican Republic. Her love for fashion is credited to her sisters and mother, who pushed her to pursue a more inclusive fashion brand. Katty created KayKoutture so that women can have access to affordable, fashionable clothing capable of accommodating all spectrums of the female physique.

Starting a business has been the most daring, exciting adventure Katty has embarked on, yet it is Katty's willingness to take risks that will spell success for KayKoutture.

"I am a strong believer in creating your own destiny. I believe that every human has the power to achieve anything they put their minds to, and then some. This is only the beginning." - Katty

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