Stand-Up On The Spot w/ Eddie Bravo, Doug Benson, Ali Macofsky, Keon Polee & Jeremiah Watkins | Ep 9

Episode 9,   Jan 04, 2023, 04:49 PM

Featuring completely improvised standup sets from Eddie Bravo, Doug Benson, Ali Macofsky, Keon Polee,  and Jeremiah Watkins. Stand-Up On The Spot at The World Famous Comedy Store!
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Jeremiah Watkins
Eddie Bravo
Doug Benson
Ali Macofsky
Keon Polee

Stand-Up On The Spot
The Comedy Store

Directed by Jeremiah Watkins
Director of Photography by Chris McMillan
Edited by Chris McMillan
Cam Operators Chris McMillan & Dustin Sussman
Audio Engineer Chris Dillon
Produced by 4933 Productions & Brian Woods
Executive Produced by Jeremiah Watkins
In Collaboration with Comedy Store Studios