OSA Guides and Outfitters with Ryan Walker

Episode 131,  Jan 04, 06:38 PM

Join Living the Dream Outdoors Podcast host Bill Cooper and this week’s guest, Ryan Walker of OSA Guides and Outfitters. Walker is considered one of the best smallmouth fishing guides in the Ozarks. From Billings, MIssouri, just west of Springfield, Walker is a native Missourian, just liked his beloved smallmouth bass.Guiding over 250 days per year, Walker holds an incredible knowledge base about smallmouth bass, their habitats, and what it takes to catch these bronze beauties any time of year. Listen closely as Walker talks tips, tactics and times to help you with your smallmouth fishing game. Too, Walker is offering bundles of his favorite smallmouth fishing flies, which he ties himself. These are tried and true patterns which he uses regularly on his guided smallmouth fishing trips down favorite Ozarks streams. This is a fishing program that you will not want to miss, and will be sure to share with your family and fishing buddies.