Thursday, January 5: How You Injured Your Junk; 2023 Movies To Look Forward To; CT Has The Country's Hottest Real Estate

Jan 05, 04:26 PM

Apparently, hospital emergency rooms keep a running list of explanations from patients on how they injured their "junk." Chaz and AJ went through some of the more humorous accidents, and also took calls from the Tribe about their own injuries. (0:00)

The movies to be excited for! Joe Meyers the movie guy was on to talk about the blockbuster movies he's most looking forward to, including another Tom Cruise action movie. (26:02)

Jonathan Carbutti was on to confirm a report claiming Hartford has the hottest real estate market in the country. What makes it so attractive, and what does AJ have to do to sell his house this year? (35:00)

Image Credit: Staras / iStock / Getty Images Plus