Acknowledging the Entities - AKA - the Elephant in the room

Jan 07, 11:41 PM

EVP surprise! It appeared after I processed the track or I would have missed it. Even better - what it said.

Talking to Nightlights - Transdimensional/Interdimensional beings are capable = whatever label is applied = at interacting with us and influencing our reality, if and when the conditions are favorable.

Cue to appx. 17:11. Listen for my words "the dog said, "hey, dude, wake up." EVP audio after that sentence. The word is "Nightlight" ...

In my conversation with J.M. DeBord (Jason), author of Nightmares, we talked about a visitation dream I had featuring Psychic Alex Tanous. Now seems like a good time to explore the topic of entities. They don't require our belief. Becoming aware of their presence will help anyone who is developing their PSI abilities.

Entities - generic label - are capable of exerting a negative and/or positive influence on the physical plane. Although various highly intelligent individuals have shared their accounts of interactions with these beings - either in personal diaries or speaking to others about an incident, this topic is still considered fringe.

My interaction with non-physical entities includes the 25 year relationship with the entities who activate and engage via my nightlights and other electronics.

The activity is my evidence of non-corporeal presence and inspiration to alert others about the presence of those who - although lacking a human form - are quite able to create an event that can be observed when we are fully present and investing our attention into our own spiritual progress - rather than getting caught up in ongoing distractions - that may or may not seem more 'real'.

The spirit element is very real. It becomes more real as you improve your own PSI ability. That is the goal.

Given the segment title is - 'acknowledging the entities' - I find the EVP at 17:01 a testament to the ability of the non-physical element to influence our material plane. Fascinating! For me, it validated my choice to go solo on this show in being presented with a corroboration by my non-physical pals.

Reality is more than we know.

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