Understanding prophetic timing - Part 2

Season 2, Episode 12,   Jan 08, 01:09 PM

The art of prophetic timing is A word that is delivered in an incorrect way is nullified, and effectively becomes a false prophecy. The hardest part of prophetic ministry is learning how to communicate the word once it has been received.

John Sanford said, “A wicked envoy falls into trouble, but a trustworthy courier brings healing (Prov 13:17). So a prophet needs to know more than what to say. He needs also to discover how God wants him to say it.”

Tom Hamon said, “Many times the biggest challenge for prophets is not necessarily in hearing the voice of God, but in learning how to minister the Word in wisdom. This speaks of the timing, the manner, the place, the wording, the intent, the context, and the attitude of heart when ministering figures.”