Happy 2023

Episode 136,  Jan 09, 03:41 AM

The Chitshow Podcast #136 - "Happy 2023"

Time for some more chit and show! Listen in as we talk RIP Christine McVie (16:49), Andrew Tate gets locked up (19:39), the NFT drama (35:44), SFPD flips on killer robots (45:10), Clown College: Susan Meachen fakes death (49:00), Community movie update (56:36), what we watched on break (58:08), Payday 3 announced (1:07:17), Hades 2 announcement (1:10:09), what Leo is playing (1:13:45), Afroman's police raid music video (1:20:25), and more! We also talk/feature (1:26:41) music from Tails & Benji, Skrillex/Fred again/Flowdan, The Glitch Mob, Ab-Soul, .svnth, Hidden Renaissance, Pusha T, Silvana Estrada, Zach Fox, Ravyn Lenae, and SZA. Our intro/outro music is "'I Think I Like It (Radio Edit)" by Fake Blood.

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