Mapping the brain to understand the physical storage of knowledge

Episode 14,   Jan 10, 2023, 09:57 AM

The secrets of the mind have been investigated at all times, by most people and in most scientific disciplines from philosophy, social science and psychiatry to biology, chemistry and physics.
What is it that makes us who we are? And how does the mind change as we learn and develop through life? 

This episode of the Science and Cocktails Podcast is a guided tour through the brain following synapse, axon and dendrites, when caching the physical traits of learning and memories in a content so dence of connections, that it takes years to go through just a few millimeters.  

Our Tourguide is the neuroscientist-superstar, Jeff Lichtman. He will take us through the mind, walking through every single connection between the neurons. He will show us what the brain actually looks like and how it stores information. And He will tell us about  what makes the human brain so special that it is now taking evolution into its own hands, by changing the DNA of living organisms and preparing to leave to other planets. 

A Science and Cocktails production funded by The Lundbeck Foundation

Contributing Scientist;Jeff Lichtman, Professor in neurobiology at Harvard university. 

Journalist, Sound designer and producer; Sofie Hjorth 
Music composers; Hjalte Bested Møller