Blair Enns

Episode 104,  Jan 13, 05:05 AM

This week, we used a puff of smoke to catch pricing magician Blair Enns performing his favourite trick; making RFPs disappear.
Founder of Win Without Pitching and Author of The Win Without Pitching Manifesto and Pricing Creativity, Blair is dead set on getting creative businesses to price their work properly, single-handedly saving those who sell ideas for a living from giving them away for nada. 

We pulled a ton of topics out of a hat including his early years in account management and new business, pitching and RFPs, generalist vs specialist agencies, value-based pricing, why your agency should have a portfolio of pricing models, pricing creatively, how to raise your prices with current clients (and not p**s them off in the process), search consultants, hissing cockroaches and loads more.   


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(01:52) - Quick fire questions
(03:58) - Account management as a gateway drug into ad land 
(09:38) - Doing new business remotely in 2000
(13:45) - The real problem with pitching 
(21:44) - Value based pricing 
(24:22) - Does the blame lie with agencies or clients? 
(27:11) - Why pricing is a prison cell in your own mind of your own making
(31:53) - Pricing as a creative act 
(37:25) - The importance of presenting more than one price
(43:28) - Listener questions 
(50:36) - 4 pertinent posers 

Blair’s book recommendations are: 
$100M Offers by Alex Hormozi 
The Boutique by Greg Alexander 
The Business of Expertise by David C. Baker