The Sync Report | Dave Rowntree

Season 4, Episode 1,   Jan 12, 2023, 08:00 AM

Dave Rowntree has been the drummer in Blur for over 30 years, so when he joined us to talk about his new solo album - Radio Songs - his film and TV composing and Blur, we were delighted.

So here we are kicking off season 4 with Dave Rowntree talking music, politics, missions to mars, Mo Farah, Bros, computer programming and much more. 

When you’re already part of one of the biggest bands in the UK, launching a successful solo career can be daunting, as Dave tells us, but listening to his first solo record he seems to have found his groove. Join us as we ask Dave what took him so long to record his first solo album, what inspired the songs and how he managed to record his album during the lockdowns of covid (remember them?). 

We find out how he moved into composing for film and TV, how much he loves collaborating with other musicians and where his ideas come from. Did you know that Dave converted images into audio as part of the music for the BBC TV show The Capture? Now you’ll have to watch the show to see if you can work it out! Find out how he feels about writing music for other people versus writing music with his Blur bandmates.

Hear how excited Dave is to be playing Wembley Stadium in 2023 and how the band prepares for such a huge show. What was that he said about a new Blur album? Take a listen and find out for yourself.

Dave Rowntree

The Sync Report is where you will meet industry experts and top level songwriters as we pull the curtain back on music placement and scores, build vital relationships and provide real opportunities to our listeners. Listen to indie filmmakers present their latest productions and describe specific scenes as they consider music submitted by our audience.

Music is the difference between a good film and a great one.

Songs included in this episode are...

She’s So High – Blur
H.O.M.E – Dave Rowntree (from Bros: After The Screaming Stops)
The Capture Titles – Ian Arber & Dave Rowntree (from The Capture OST)
Devils Island – Dave Rowntree
Tape Measure by Dave Rowntree
London Bridge by Dave Rowntree
Lonesome Street by Blur
Song 2 by Blur

FEATURING:  Milfredo Seven - Kevin Sharpley - Vinx De’Jon Parrette - Tommy Faragher - Jodylynn Talevi – Lisa Dunn - Heather Ragnars - David Mazjlin - Ivy States - Marcus Da Fingaz Manderson

Brendalynn McKinney (feat. Tytanic) - Nevermind 
"And go" by team scene
"She's thinking about me" by da fingaz

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