Inclisiran - Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Lipid Management

Episode 5,   Jan 12, 2023, 03:00 PM

The Academic Health Science Network North East North Cumbria delivers a national programme of work looking at cholesterol and lipid optimisation.

Recently, a number of new non-statin treatments that have been made available on the lipid pathway, which will help patients to reduce their cholesterol, and therefore reduce heart attacks and strokes.

Inclisiran is one of these new therapies, but what's really important is the way it has been delivered, taking a population health management approach, meaning that patients can access treatment much more quickly as it is rolled out through primary care.

This is a world-first and an exciting time to be involved in lipid management.

In this podcast, CVD Prevention Lead and Regional Coordinator, Nikki Holdsworth, talks to Barry Todd - a North East Pharmacist Practitioner and Wallsend Pharmacy Lead, and Matthew Hart - a Specialist Clinical Pharmacist with The Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals Trust, who are involved in lipid optimisation and management, and have experience of initiating and managing patients on one of these new therapies, Inclisiran.

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