Andrew Gilligan on Iraq - 2003

Episode 459,  May 29, 2012, 12:48 AM

To seek to summarise this issue fairly, and the tragic events which followed, in a short caption would be inappropriate. This two-way, from the Radio 4 Today programme on May 29th 2003,  however, must have a place in any comprehensive record of radio’s role in history.

                                                                                                            Andrew Gilligan was the Radio 4 defence correspondent, whose report on the Today Programme sparked the row between the Government and the BBC when he reported allegations that an intelligence dossier on Iraq's ‘weapons of mass destruction’ had been 'sexed up'.  It was suggested that that a claim suggesting such weapons could be launched 'within 45 minutes' had been inserted.

                                                                                                        The first report was broadcast at 6.07am on May 29 2003, and its claims were denied an hour and a half later. A two-way between Humphrys and Gilligan then followed.