01/12/2023 Wake Up Call Hour 2

Episode 2979,  Jan 12, 06:44 PM

Arguing with a Twitter follower (or reaffirming our point) is always good clean fun - #TakeFlight vs #FinsUp vs #BillsMafia; 
The Good The Bad The Dumb...Most award shows are boring, but seeing childhood star #KeHuyQuan take home a #GoldenGlobe after over 30 years on obscurity was awesome; but even better is the first trailer for #Netflix's new show #FullSwing; #Amtrak keeping passengers "hostage" for hours and hours in the woods of rural #SouthCarolina is straight nightmare fuel
Guest: HOF defensive lineman and a member of the notorious Purple People Eaters of the 1970s Minnesota Vikings, Carl Eller joins the showgram to talk on that famed defense and share his thoughts on current Super Bowls.