Jeffrey Keene 2 - Reincarnation: Meditation, Psychics and Past Life Memory Triggers

Jan 14, 08:41 PM

Jeffrey Keene -- The Phoenix -- "The Phoenix is often referred to as a fire bird, because it dies and is reborn out of fire."

Fire in the Soul: Reincarnation from Antietam to Ground Zero, Amazon.

Now quite familiar with the process of recovering his past lives, Jeffrey has been able to add several other accounts. He says the most compelling evidence for one of those past lives was a 'chance' encounter with a child in a book store.

He guessed the age of the child at about 5 years old and says the young boy looked at and through him and blurted out the word, 'samurai'. Then he asked his mother what that word meant.

Jeff's Samurai Past Life: Kusunoki Masashige (楠木 正成, 1294 – 4 July 1336) was a Japanese samurai of the Kamakura period remembered as the ideal of samurai loyalty.
There is also a fascinating connection with the wives of Jeffrey and Gordon = past and present.

From Page 143-144 - FIRE IN THE SOUL

The story continues, telling of Mrs. Gordon’s ministering to wounded troops and of her near capture at the third Battle of Winchester. The end of the story gives a brief summary of her life with John. They were married for just short of fifty years. 

The author included a quote from Holland’s Magazine, February 1938, that seems out of place with the rest of the story and would be of little interest to the reader. Speaking about General Gordon, Mrs. Gordon says, “Every Spring he planted cape jasmine.

Every winter they died.” This quote seemed to have been placed there just for me. When Anna and I moved into our new home to begin our life together, having hardly any furnishings, the rooms were rather sparse and barren. On an outing one day Anna spied a small plant on a shelf and called me over to see it. The plant was about five inches tall and seemed lost among the other larger plants in the nursery. We decided to give it a home. 

Over the years the plant has grown and now stands almost six feet tall. It is still in a pot, although one much larger than the original. Every spring we carry the plant outside, then return it to the indoor as the cool winds of winter approach. Sometimes when it blooms, Anna will pick a few of the delicate white blossoms and drop them over my shoulder onto the table next to me as I work. The wonderful fragrance drifts up to greet my nose. I do so love the smell of Jasmine.

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