Episode #45: The U20 South American Championship Two-Part Preview (Part One)

Episode 47,   Jan 15, 2023, 10:30 PM

Episode #046: Jordan is joined by experts on Bolivian, Chilean, Ecuadorean, and Uruguayan football in this whistle-stop tour of Group B at the U20 South American Championships. Venezuela will be competing in this group with the desire to finish in the top three and advance to the Final Stage to fight for U20 World Cup qualfification.

  • Jordan and Dominic preview Venezuela's squad and their chancesĀ 
  • Miguel Valero has some surprises in store for those uncertain about Bolivia
  • Martin Benitez thinks the reigning champions can be positive
  • David from The Warriors of Uruguay is looking forward to talent spotting
  • And Adam Brandon takes us through Chile's latest youth generation
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