The Next 10 Years of BHR: A Gender Lens

Season 1, Episode 3,   Jun 30, 2021, 08:00 AM

Gender discrimination and intersecting structures of marginalisation mean women and girls experience unique and disproportionate business-related human rights abuses. Recent work on the UNGPs acknowledges the structural gender barriers at play, but much still needs to be done by governments and businesses to translate policies into practices that protect and advance the rights of women and girls. How do business operations both perpetuate and exacerbate gender discrimination? Has the UNGP framework been a useful tool for gender justice - and what opportunities and challenges lie ahead?

Your panel for this episode includes: 

  • Golda Benjamin, Programme Director, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre
  • Anannya Bhattacharjee, International Coordinator, Asia Floor Wage Alliance
  • Professor Surya Deva, Vice Chair of the UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights
  • Kayla Winarsky Green, Human Rights and Business Adviser, Danish Institute for Human Rights