Tuesday, January 17: Why You Got Stitches; New Haven Named One Of The Top Global Attractions; Dating Advice

Jan 17, 06:32 PM

Chaz's wife Jennifer was on to share the story of nearly cutting her finger off while preparing dinner. After her story, the Tribe shared the accidents and injuries that lead to them needing stitches. (0:00)

New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker bragged a little about his city being recognized by the New York Times as one of the top 52 global travel attractions. (15:06)

Tribe Member Andrew was on to get some personalized dating advice from Kimmy Seltzer. Andrew is a mechanic, and called in last time she was on to talk about "dirty hands" being one of the Top 10 turn-offs on a first date. (29:27)

Image Credit: Sanghwan Kim / iStock / Getty Images Plus