E.P.P. S01 EPP16 True Crime Series: Children of Darkness: Christian Romero

Season 1, Episode 16,   Jan 20, 2023, 01:51 AM

Explore the depths of darkness through the lens of true crime in Children of Darkness. Join Shauna from Exploring the Paranormal Perspective as she investigates how societies children become societies monsters in her episode about Christian Romeros. Dive into the depths of this chilling case and uncover the secrets, and theories, behind what turned this young person into a monster. With gripping insights and an engaging narrative, this episode will leave you with a haunting reminder of the power of darkness. If you’re looking for a true crime experience like no other, EPPs Children of Darkness is the perfect destination.

Explore the dark side of humanity with EPPs-True Crime: Children of Darkness.

 Join Shauna, host of Exploring the Paranormal Perspective, as she delves into the terrifyingly real stories of how children can become monsters. From serial killers to cult leaders, uncover the truth about what turns an innocent child into a criminal with this stunningly insightful episode. Uncover the truth about the dark side of humanity with True Crime: Children of Darkness.