November 1989 Fashion Etc.: Loungin', Thanks & Shades Of Fragrance

Jan 24, 10:00 AM

Pam returns to join the discussion on beauty gadgets, Amish style, and more!

Having bid adieu to our dear guest co-hosts Kim and Megan, we welcome back Pam for the November 1989 Fashion Etc. episode. Fashion spreads tell us how to dress like a pilgrim, or a rodeo queen (?), or in a jacket. Karen does an exposΓ© on how worthless your expensive modeling school education actually is. The lone beauty story tries to show us what...smells......look like. There's also beauty gadget trials, an update on how to wear your jeans, curly hair makeovers, some very emotional letters, and so much more!


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🎧 It Is November 1989

🎧 Cover

🎧 Fashion Feature: Loungin’

🎧 Fashion Feature: A Modeling School Story You’re Not Gonna Like

🎧 Fashion Feature: Time To Give Thanks

🎧 Fashion Feature: Rodeo Circuit Blues

🎧 What Next: Hug Those Hips

🎧 Beauty Feature: Shades Of Fragrance

🎧 About Face

🎧 We Try It: Beauty Gadgets

🎧 Zits And Stuff

🎧 One Sassy Ad

🎧 Sassy Club

🎧 Diary: How To Be A Metalhead

🎧 Say What

🎧 Goodbye For Now

🎧 Wearing A Cow Print

🎧 Strike Fast. Strike Hard. No Mercy.

🎧 Electric Shavers

🎧 What's Going On

🎧 Head Of Talks & Ideas Chip Rolley

🎧 Pam Taking A Shit Or Something


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