Off The Bench: Looking out for Double Gameweek options

Season 1, Episode 16,  Jan 24, 04:11 PM

With more Double Gameweeks on the horizon, Fantasy Premier League experts Prasun Singhal and Gianni Buttice review Gameweek 21 and the players with multiple matches that could shine 🤩

Switching Arsenal assets, deploying the Triple Captain chip, and waiting to see who's best from Man Utd are covered in the latest episode of Off The Bench.

  • Ditching Man City defence (02m 05s)
  • Doubling Newcastle defence (08m 09s)
  • Leeds options (12m 22s)
  • All-out Arsenal attack(26m 57s)
  • Waiting on Man Utd (33m 40s)
  • Triple Captain choice (38m 34s)
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