Episode #110 – Job Transitions and the Lingering Identity : Sarah Marie Wittman

Jan 24, 09:23 PM

In today's episode, Teresa is joined by Sarah Marie Wittman to talk about "Job Transitions and the Lingering Identity." Sarah is an Assistant Professor of Management at George Mason University’s School of Business. The recent changes in the labor market have caused people to switch jobs, but what from our past jobs carries over? Teresa and Sarah discuss “lingering identities." Sarah wrote an article on lingering identities, which is the expression she uses to describe identities that are premised on former roles that persist significantly beyond role change. They talk about how this can impact your new job. To read the articles referenced in the podcast : Lingering Identities Transitioning the Study of Role Transitions: From an Attribute-Based to an Experience-Based Approach When Changing Jobs, Changes Your Identity Contact: swittman@gmu.edu Episode Timeline 00:06Introduction and Disclaimer 01:24Lingering Identity 12:53Break and Public Service Announcement 13:18Impacts on Job Success 22:45Teresa’s Closing Remarks