How can we build a strong and resilient brand? with Dan White

Episode 312,  Jan 26, 10:00 AM

In the very first episode of LID Radio Podcast for 2023, we're joined by marketing & branding expert Dan White. We talk about his latest book, The Smart Branding Book, and how we can build a strong and resilient brand.

Dan White is a trainer and consultant who has worked in the marketing and branding sector for over 30 years.  He was previously Head of Expertise and MD of Corporate Development at Kantar. He is the author of The Smart Marketing Book and The Soft Skills Book (Concise Advice Series, LID). He lives in the UK. 

The Smart Branding Book is for entrepreneurs, students, marketing professionals and anyone interested in why brands are valuable and how they are created. It introduces all key brand-building concepts and frameworks, brought to life by examples from the world’s most successful brands.