Steve Murphy and Javier Pena are The Real DEA Narcos

Episode 1,   Jun 28, 2021, 04:00 AM

Hear from the two DEA agents, Steve Murphy and Javier Pena, who were the real-life inspiration behind the hit series Narcos on Netflix and the takedown of Pablo Escobar.

[NOTE: This episode is longer than what we will normally publish. We cover a lot of things in the first 30 minutes. Thanks for hanging in there with us.] In our first episode, we get the real story about how the world's most wanted narcoterrorist, Pablo Escobar, was tracked down. Hear from Steve Murphy and Javier Pena about their 18-month manhunt, about the true heroes of Colombia who sacrificed their lives, the indiscriminate bombings and targeted assassinations, and the toll it took on everyone involved. Since Murph and Morgan both started off their law enforcement careers as small town cops, they cover some of the most hilarious crimes as reported by small town police blotters. Join us for the first long-form true crime interview podcast.

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