Friday, January 27: Florida Woman Rescued From Storm Drain For Third Time; AI Writing Programs; Boss Keith's Top 5

Jan 27, 04:53 PM

Dumb Ass News - A Florida woman had to be rescued from a storm drain, after becoming trapped. This happened THREE times. (0:00)

Artificial intelligence programs are getting pretty good at writing things, including speeches for politicians. A representative read one to Congress recently, prompting Chaz and AJ to immediately call Steve Greenberg "The Gadget Guy" for more information about how prominent these programs will become in the future. (8:31)

Dumb Ass News - Chaz and AJ share with you their best (or worst?) flubbles of the week. Every time someone screws up their words, it goes into a file to share in the Friday montage. (25:02)

Boss Keith's Top 5 proves what we all knew about him already: he cares way more about Oscar nominated movies, than classified documents. (29:13)

Image Credit: Guillaume / iStock / Getty Images Plus