Grey Aliens and AI - Have Humans been Hacked by the Greys?

Jan 28, 03:28 AM

"Whether you believe Grey aliens exist or not, or don't really care, you'd better sit up and take notice of what Nigel Kerner has to say in his astonishing thesis. Kerner has a keen intellect and well-honed research skills." - Louis Proud (Nexus Magazine)

Grey Aliens and Artificial Intelligence: The Battle between Natural and Synthetic Beings for the Human Soul, Nigel Kerner, Amazon

Nigel Kerner died in 2022. I interview two of Nigel's colleagues. Researcher Danielle Silverman worked with Nigel on multiple projects. Professor John Biggerstaff joined Nigel for many of his interviews. They offer support, insight, and perspective on Nigel's work.

A question from Nigels' son turned into a 30 year quest: “Dad, are UFOs real?”

Nigel began looking into the subject matter, anticipating a quick turnaround and a decisive (negative) reply. Instead, once he began researching the subject, he uncovered answers he could never have anticipated. He carved an amazing trail. This is Book 3 in his trilogy. 

Summary edited: Shows how our consciousness has been hacked by the Greys to filter our perceptions to be in line with their agenda to steal our souls

Humanity’s biggest existential threat is our headlong rush to a technologically advanced future. Already we increasingly rely on smart devices to the point that they are becoming extensions of our bodies. We are at a turning point for our species in which our natural humanity is gradually being converted into an artificial format that will lead to the loss of our souls. And, as Nigel Kerner reveals in astonishing detail, the blueprints for this future already exist.

"AI will probably most likely lead to the end of the world, but in the meantime, there'' be great companies." -Sam Altman

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