Lori Daybell Begs Court To Set Her Free! | #loridaybell #chaddaybell #daybellmurders

Episode 93,  Jan 28, 07:43 PM

After spending 1,169 days in jail for her alleged role in the murders of her two children and the ex-wife of her husband, Tammy Daybell, Lori Vallow asked Idaho Judge Steven Boyce to dismiss her case in a motion that she filed on Thursday. Lori Vallow's motion was filed after she had spent 1,169 days in jail.

The legal team representing Vallow claims that her constitutional right to a quick trial has been breached by the court. Her murder trial, which was to be held jointly with that of her husband Chad Daybell, was scheduled to begin in 2021, but it has been postponed for a variety of reasons, including her competency evaluations and the global outbreak of coronavirus.

"The first trial setting in this instant case was for October 11, 2022, since that was within six months of April 19, 2022. The government then asked for more time and the Court granted the request and set trial for January 9, 2023. This violated her right to a speedy trial," the motion states. the motion's current states

The motion to dismiss was filed on Thursday and includes a timeline of events in Vallow's case, including her initial arrest in Hawaii in February 2020, when she was held on $5 million bond; her indictment in May 2021; her arraignment in April 2022; her first trial setting on the indictment in October 2022; her second trial setting on the indictment in January 2023; and her third trial setting on the indictment, which is scheduled for April of this year, totaling 1,169 days

In the request, Vallow's defense alleges that the government has violated several of her constitutional rights, including her right to a speedy trial and her right to be considered innocent.

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