Loremen S4 Ep31 - The Wold Rangers with Amy Gledhill

Season 4, Episode 31,   Feb 02, 2023, 01:00 AM

Beloved semi-sausage Amy Gledhill returns to the pod to meet the Wold Rangers of Yorkshire's East Riding. The wold's green lanes were once famous for Snaffling Jock, Mushroom Charlie, Slapface Ned and more strange, unique characters: nomadic gentlefolk around whom legends grew.

We run into a locked-barn mystery and encounter the haunted skull of Poor Sister Anne. Don't throw it in manure! She hates that.

If you live near Driffield, visit the Wold Rangers Way!

This episode was edited by Mark Chatterley of In Ear Production.

Loreboys nether say die!

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