Wednesday, February 1: Bad Movies That You Love; The Last Of Us; The Fist Bump World Record

Feb 01, 04:27 PM

Sometimes a movie can be bad and great, all at the same time. Chaz and AJ wanted to know the bad movies that the Tribe still love to watch. (0:00)

Chris Hayner from GameSpot was on the phone to explain the "Last of Us" phenomenon to Chaz and AJ. Chris has seen the whole season on HBO, and without spoilers, was able to explain what's coming from his experience playing the video game series. (16:54)

Resuming from yesterday, Chaz and AJ had the Tribe call in to guess the Top 10 Super Bowl snacks, according to Google data. Chicken wings, meatballs, nachos and chili were all discussed yesterday, leaving six spots on the list to pick off. (32:50)

Dumb Ass News - David Rush has spent a lot of time and energy attempting to break or set world records. His latest success, about fist bumps, really sends a different message when you are only listening to it happen, instead of watching. (40:47)

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