Predicting the Metacritic Scores for 2023’s Biggest Games

Episode 51,  Feb 02, 05:00 PM

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Hello and welcome to EP51 of the Kit & Krysta Podcast! This week we'll be predicting the Metacritic scores for a dozen of the biggest games coming out in 2023. There are definitely some surprises. Watch to find out which game we chose to get the highest score of this year. Also in this episode, we share a story about.... teriyaki. You might be wondering why but you have to listen to find out and also tell us if you have specific thoughts about this, especially if you're from the Pacific Northwest. We've been playing a TON of games this week and we we have a beefy news section giving our impression of the latest Microsoft Developer Direct. All of this is coming up in 3, 2, 1!

0:00 - Episode 51 let's go
12:56 - Seattle teriyaki controversy
23:01 - Predicting Metacritic scores for the biggest games of 2023
55:41 - Games we are playing (Fire Emblem Engage, Hi-Fi Rush, GoldenEye, Like A Dragon: Ishin!, Pocket Card Jockey)
1:22:43 - News news news
1:37:07 - Questions from our Patreon subscribers 

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