Episode 269 - Abbas Dhanani of Burger Bodega

Feb 02, 12:00 PM

On today's pod, Eric is joined by Matt Harris to go through the latest from the Houston restaurant and bar scene including the James Beard Foundation releasing it's list of award semifinalists that includes 10 Houston restaurants, Ben Berg's newest concept that has some questions surrounding it, and Hubcap Grill on 19th Street shuttering. In the Restaurants of the Week portion Karne is featured. In the Guest of the Week section Eric is joined by Abbas Dhanani of Burger Bodega. Abbas speaks with Eric about the early days of his career, growing up in a successful restaurant family, what inspired him to launch Houston Eats, the food blogging scene, why he wanted to pursue/open Burger Bodega rather than working within the family business, why he went with burgers for his concept, the research that he put in for Burger Bodega, why the design was so important for him, how things have been going with the restaurant so far, how things came about with the shakes program at Burger Bodega, and much more! 

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