Episode 54,  Feb 02, 11:00 PM

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This week, Brooke and Connor pack their bags and move too…HARVARD! Following the one year of BNCMAP, Harvard was so impressed with all the groundbreaking work Brooke and Connor provided to their community and invited them to conduct research inside one of their libraries. We also get a glimpse into 2082 versions of BNC. Big things are happening!  

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0:00 Old Open
7:11 Harvard...We're Here
11:36 Time To MAP
12:07 What Do You Meme
15:00 The Beginning of a New Era
17:09 Weekend Recap
25:32 Zocdoc
27:47 Tom Brady's Retirement
30:19 The NFL Conspiracy
32:50 We Love Jane Fonda
35:11 Library Tour Tease
36:07 Thrive Market
39:10 The Love Island Curse
41:17 Analyzing Tom Brady's Instagram
44:35 Brooke's YA Novel Idea
47:28 Jeffree Star's NFL Boyfriend
53:20 Tik Tok Mascara Drama
56:02 Scar Girl Drama
59:34 US Geography Challenge
1:01:12 The Mindy Project
1:02:41 Connor's Crazy Hawaii Trip
1:10:00 Communal Showers Are Wack
1:10:38 Airport Celebrity Sightings
1:12:23 The Pillars Of Ethical Clout Chasing
1:15:12 We LIVE Here Now