James Roguski chats World Health Organisation POWER GRAB to remove rights!

Episode 74,  Feb 02, 09:46 PM

About James Roguski:

I encourage absolutely everyone to copy this recording (and article) and re-upload it on the platform of your choice. Spread it far and wide so that everyone you know has the opportunity to become aware of what the WHO is attempting to do.
If you have the ability to translate this into other languages, or to subtitle it, that effort would be very much appreciated.
What follows are 100 of the many reasons why we must stop the proposed “Pandemic Treaty”, we must stop the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations every nation on earth must #ExitTheWHO.
EVERYONE ON EARTH must be made aware that the World Health Organization is attempting a global coup. PLEASE share this article with everyone you know and feel free to contact me directly at any time if you have any questions or would like to help in a more substantial way. My name is James Roguski and you can reach me at 310-619-3055 via phone, text, Signal, WhatsApp or Telegram.
The WHO is currently overseeing negotiations that are designed to convince its 194 member nations to adopt amendments to the International Health Regulations as well as to adopt a legally-binding “Pandemic Treaty.”
The people behind these negotiations are hell-bent on creating a totalitarian dictatorship designed to enslave every human being within a digital prison that is lined with health certificates and continuous surveillance.
These agreements, if adopted, would surrender health related sovereignty over to the WHO, who would then, in their own words, be able to implement the regulations WITHOUT respect for human dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms.
You all better wake up, and you better wake up right now. We need to work together to

I am going to break these 100 reasons down into seven categories:

PART I: Ten things that everyone needs to know about the World Health Organization’s proposed “Pandemic Treaty.” (1-10)
PART II: The proposed amendments would seek to remove 3 very important aspects of the existing regulations. (11-13)
PART III: The proposed amendments a would implement a great number of changes that everyone should absolutely disagree with. (14-50)
PART IV: There are glaring contradictions and flaws in the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations. (51-60)
PART V: The proposed amendments are absolutely ignoring many of the things that really do need to be addressed. (61-80)
PART VI: The proposed amendments would trample our rights and restrict our freedoms. (81-90)
PART VII: The Ten Main Reasons why every nation on earth should #ExitTheWHO (91-100)

The first and most important point that I would like to make is that I am about to discuss two very different things. First, I will talk briefly about the proposed “Pandemic Treaty.” More people seem to be aware of the so-called “Pandemic Treaty,” but, while I see it as being an important issue, I believe that it is also functioning as a decoy that is designed to distract people from the much larger and more immediate threat to our rights and freedoms, which are the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations.