The Crazy World of Doppelgängers: Why Does a Stranger Have My Face?

Season 6, Episode 468,  Feb 02, 09:52 PM

(NOTE: We recorded this episode before news spread about the “Doppelgänger murder,” but there’s a link to the story in our show notes below.) Have you ever been told you have a doppelgänger? Have you seen them? It’s wild to find out that someone completely unrelated to you has your face. But do they really? Bethany breaks down the science behind why two total genetic strangers sometimes look so much alike. Plus, seeing one’s doppelgänger is said to portend bad luck, so Bebe shares some spooky doppelgänger stories as well. Plus, Kathleen gets honest about an important moment she had while on vacation.

What We Talked About: 
The Science Behind Doppelgangers: 13:13
The Creepy Side of Doppelgangers: 29:27

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The Doppelgänger Killer:

Bethany’s doppelganger (NJ Transit Ad):

Ginger-bearded doppelgangers:

7NEWS Spotlight: Seeing double: spitting-image strangers discover science behind doppelgängers

Be Smart: Does Someone Else Have Your Face? Doppelgängers Explainedänger