What you didn't know about the Environment

Episode 1,   Feb 03, 11:33 AM

Welcome to What You Didn’t Know About the Environment! A podcast where hosts Lotte Turnbull and Saoirse Jackson dive into environmental and climate change issues that may not be featured in the main headlines of the news. They aim to make the sometimes overwhelming concept of climate change more accessible whilst also exploring how it may relate to other issues such as neocolonialism and intragenerational equity. 

In this very first episode will feature a discussion of what ‘climate change’ really is and the reasons why some climate related issues may not be featured in mainstream news. Lotte and Saoirse dive into the concepts such as ‘Divergent Knowledge’ and ‘Slow Violence’ and why these are key contributing factors to this problem. 

Any feedback or any suggestions on issues you would like us to cover! Please get in touch with sound.beaver@lsesu.org and we’ll do our best to cover anything you would like us to! 

Produced and Hosted by Lotte Turnbull and Saoirse Jackson

Edited by Lotte Turnbull

Cover Art by Mithalina Binte Mohammad Tabid

Music by Coma-Media, Pixabay Music