"Our Father in Heaven, Part 2" by Greg Chandler

Feb 04, 07:53 PM

 Few passages in the Bible have been as influential as Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. In fact, even those with little Bible training have enough familiarity with the teaching to quote phrases such as, “Judge not that ye be not judged” (Matthew 7:1). However, for those serious about spiritual things, the impact of this sermon is beyond description. Some have entitled it the “constitution of the kingdom” and, in fact, it does aptly describe the attitude a kingdom citizen is to have toward the King and fellow citizens. Yet, there is another extremely important view that must be taken of this sermon; it is the call to familial loyalty. Within the sermon, there are fourteen occasions where Jesus directs attention to the Father. As the faithful Son, He teaches other sons of the Father what is expected within the family of God. Continuing our thoughts from last week, this study will focus exclusively on Jesus’ teachings relating to the Father as found in the Sermon on the Mount. 

A sermon given by Greg Chandler on January 29, 2023.