Wayne White - Paranormal Artifacts and Haunted Spaces

Feb 05, 2023, 06:09 PM

Traveling the world - bringing home souvenirs - one might also acquire supernatural attachments. First hand experience is the best teacher.

"I think that everybody should go out there and test their curiosity, find a haunted place." - Zak Bagans

Wayne White is Author of Cold: Three Winters at the South Pole, Amazon.

The last time I spoke with Wayne he mentioned some of his paranormal experiences during his travels. In this follow-up, we are revisiting some previously shared stories to include more detailed information and adding additional experiences with the artifacts in his collection.

~ One of the most unusual items in the collection is a 'rock' he was instructed/warned/told not to let anyone else see. The experience he shares about that artifact suggests there is good reason to keep it out of circulation. ~

The house referred to in this interview is the Baylor-Norvell house of Rockport, Texas. An on site sign testifies to the endurance factor -- the house having survived many hurricanes.

Connect with Wayne - Links.

- Wayne (bio) is a member of the Texas Explorer's Club. Site
- More background on Wayne's Historic Home and his collection Link.
- Wayne White on Facebook. Details on his upcoming appearances and presentations are posted on his page. (Example University of Colorado, Colorado Springs 2/7/23)
- Related Information - Haunted Artifacts. Link.

-- From our previous interview --

I really enjoyed Wayne's book. He provides a comprehensive overview of day to day activities at a remote outpost with insight on what it takes to endure/thrive/survive in that extreme environment. I appreciate the opportunity to enjoy it from the comfort of -- anywhere temps are above freezing.

Previous interview: Link.

Editorial Review - “Wayne White is one of the most interesting and accomplished adventurers I’ve ever met. This book is about an important chapter of his life when he served as the leader of the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station for three (yes, three) winters. A must-read for anyone interested in Antarctica and the spirit of adventure.”Jeff Holmes, past president of the Adventurers Club of Los Angeles --This text refers to the hardcover edition.