London Dynasty Cheer: From nothing to Grand Champs in a pandemic

Feb 07, 2023, 06:25 PM

London Dynasty Cheer has grown exponentially in a ridiculously short time, and Joanna Haeger and Grace Lowe are key parts of that.

This week’s podcast guests are the directors of LDC, as well as being athletes and coaches at the cheerleading club, and what began as a project in 2020 is now unrecognisable.

With the initial aim of recruiting 23 athletes the growth of LDC has rocketed and the club now boasts in excess of 200 members as well as five competitive, one elite and two recreational teams.

What’s more, they also have both national champs and Grand Champs victories under their belts.

Joanna and Grace explain how LDC managed to achieve all this in spite of the Covid pandemic that has dominated much of the club’s existence.

They also explain all about the sport, which can bring about many misleading connotations.

When you think of cheerleading you might think of American sports, pom poms and all sorts of performing. This isn’t it.

Competitive stunt-based cheerleading is very different. It’s fast, dangerous, jaw-dropping, skilful and any other adjective you can think of.

But above all else there is an amazing community spirit bringing all backgrounds together. After all, that’s what sport should be all about.


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Image: With thanks to London Dynasty Cheer

Music: Otis McDonald