Fi Morris: Pressure, mental health and ‘going off the rails’

Feb 14, 2023, 06:00 PM

Cricketer Fi Morris has learned a lot at the age of 29. From making her county championship debut at the age of 14, to top scoring for her team in the first ever women’s Hundred final, there’s plenty to celebrate.

But it has been far from an easy ride for the all-rounder. An incident in her early 20s led to a severe decline in her mental health and well-being, which she struggled to admit and accept.

That decline led to her taking a two-year break from cricket as – in her own words in this SportSpiel interview – she ‘went off the rails a bit.’

With the introduction of regionalised professional contracts in the women’s game, Fi also struggled to cope with the pressure after she was offered one.

But throughout it all, Fi has learned some valuable lessons as she finds herself in a stronger place – ultimately to embrace what you love.

She has now recently moved to North West Thunder, to play alongside former SportSpiel guests Kate Cross and Alex Hartley, and Fi reveals how that move has given her a new lease of life.

She also explains in this podcast how the women’s game can continue to grow, her new business venture and how she became a mentor for our wonderful charity partner The Mintridge Foundation.


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Image: With thanks to Fi Morris

Music: Otis McDonald

Additional thanks go to The Mintridge Foundation for helping us secure this interview