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Episode 279,  Feb 16, 01:00 AM

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Cody is a DJ and Noel is… a landlord now?? The two also share the power of breastfeeding for nipple alignment, the evolution of the middle school experience and airplane etiquette.  

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0:00 Intro
0:20 Landlord Noel
1:47 Smoothies n Snacks
2:52 Prop El Segundo
8:00 Breastfeeding Alignment
9:57 HelloFresh
11:32 Drinking Breast Milk
12:40 Breastfeeding Walk-In
14:27 Swole Noel
15:55 Victory Royale
18:30 Back On Stream
20:20 Grammarly
22:37 Entertainment in a Recession
24:40 Streaming Garage
26:05 Confusing Karts
29:30 Legally Best Friends
32:20 DJ Cody Unleashed
36:22 Express VPN
38:19 Fart Spray
40:44 Century Old Egg
44:11 Door Knob
45:37 Zocdoc
46:56 Old School Crushes
48:48 Arm Punching
52:00 Sack Tap
53:07 Public Locker Rooms
55:08 Asshole TSA
1:00:00 Airplane Ettiquette
1:02:39 iPhone Games 
1:03:33 Adult Childhood
1:04:55 Little Soccer Games