Waiting To Be Found

Feb 14, 2023, 09:57 PM

Having been accepted as a participant in Josh Simpson’s Infinity Project. (https://www.joshsimpsonglass.com) I headed out with one of his little planets in order to hide it in a special place. Once at the location I had to sneak onto a little island and hide it without being seen. Hopefully It will remain there for many years to come. Finally perhaps found by accident. There are more details about Josh Simpson and his work on JoshSimpsonGlass.com The music in the audio was created by Composer Gian Battaglia (https://www.gianbattaglia.com) who also happens to be my nephew. Check out his Bandcamp (https://gianbattaglia.bandcamp.com). Thanks for listening. Christian

This audio was originally shared in the http://Documentally.net Dispatch. It's free to subscribe and there is lots more besides audio. 

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