Vanishing Hitchhikers

Episode 16,   Feb 18, 2023, 04:44 AM

On this episode of MITM Laura and Aaron discuss, how over the years hitchhiking became less popular and the laws placed against it for everyone safety.  Even the FBI made posters warning against the dangers.
Laura tells the history of how a young girl tragically lost her life and has become known as the vanishing hitchhiker ghost, Resurrection Mary.  Many ghostly hitchhiking stories share similarities to Mary. 
Aaron shares an Appalachian horse riding, hitchhiker story.  One day a man picked up a woman who asked for a ride with him on his horse. In the short amount of time that he had taken her to her destination, he became so enthralled with the woman that he went back to her family the next day to ask her hand in marriage, only to find out the woman had been deceased. 
Stories that had been collected and grouped, by two folklorists in the 1940's are also discussed.

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