“War & Peace” Orthodoxy & Pacifism Part 3a w Capt. Andrei Petrov

Season 3, Episode 64,   Mar 13, 2023, 05:00 AM

Fr. Ted & Fr. Thomas interview Captain Andrei Petrov, a US Marine of 13 years, who is also a first stripe purple belt, and also a seminarian, preparing himself for ordination in the Orthodox Church. In this two-part interview, they discuss war, peace, violence of Christianity with violence, and many other aspects of this continuing exploration of orthodoxy and pacifism.

BJJ Lineage:
-1 stripe white belt awarded by Professor Tim Sled (Atos-first American black belt under Andrea Galvao), Blue belt up to 4 stirpes awarded by Professor Charlie Grant (black belt under Christ Hauter-among first 12 American black belts), Purple belt up to 1 stripe awarded by Professor Jason Vigil who received his black belt from Jason Izaguirre (Owner/Coach of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Kailua) but is now 3rd degree black belt under Andrea Galvao. Currently training under Professor Kelly Grissom (under Leo Dalla-Jorge Pereira-Rickson Gracie) also holds a 2nd degree in Judo.

Enlisted with the United States Marine Corps Reserves in September 2010
Communications Officer
Married to Olesia Petrova for 9 years, 5 sons: Sergei, Nikolai, Vladimir, Alexander & Dimitri.