2/23 Building Spire Academy Lacrosse with Kyle Harrison, JD Harkey and Nakeie Montgomery

Feb 23, 02:25 PM

Spire is a sports academy in Northeast Ohio, and it's the latest among a wave of prep schools that deliver a unique offering to aspiring lacrosse players. With world-class facilities and a variety of academic programs, they're diving into the lacrosse scene feet first. The eighth sport on campus, Spire brought in JD Harkey as head coach. A UMBC lacrosse alum turned lawyer turned MCLA national champion coach turned MIAA coach, he joined Spire last summer and this week, announced that he'd added Duke All-American and PLL Redwoods midfielder Nakeie Montgomery to his staff. 

Harkey, Montgomery and Spire ambassador Kyle Harrison join IL's Terry Foy to discuss how they got to this point and what comes next.