How to deal with losing motivation

Feb 26, 03:00 PM

Before recording this podcast, we put up a question box on our Instagram to ask our followers what aspects of school and exams they'd like us to talk about.

One topic that came up again and again was struggling to get motivated or how to cope with losing motivation.

In this episode, Eimear and Nessa take a look at a number of different reasons why you might be losing motivation and tackle each one in depth to give you solution for how to turn it around.

Guaranteed you'll feel more motivated by the end of the podcast (or your money back!)

Timecodes for sections of the podcast can be found below.

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 — Timecodes —
3.40 - When you lost motivation because you're not seeing an improvement in your results
8.30 - When you lose motivation because of burning out/feeling overwhelmed
20.40 - When you lose motivation because you've lost interest in a subject
26.50 - When you lose motivation because you don't see the point of studying
31.40 - When you lost motivation because you don't need to do well
37.10 - When you lose motivation because of things happening in your personal life
40.00 - When you lose motivation because you want to be doing something else

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