Episode 152 - Voodoo Divorce - The Mysterious Deaths Of Scott Dell & Nancy Fillmore

Feb 27, 2023, 12:00 AM

A bottle of wine, nostalgic love songs and a late night phone call with an ex. It’s a relatable scene for many and one that Scott Dell found himself in, on a wintery night, in Killaloe, Ontario back in 1995.

On the phone was the love of his life, his ex Cherrylle. The wine went down easy, perhaps too easy and Scott scribbled out hopeful notes as the conversation went on for hours, and for Scott, the air in his log farmhouse crackled with the hope of reconciliation.

A reconciliation that would never happen.

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Research & Writing:
Sherri Smith

Video: The Case that Haunts Me (S2 E02) Permission to Die 
Dilman, Jessi. “Killer Stripper Cherrylle Dell”