0038 Smelly Movies

May 30, 2012, 02:12 PM, Japan

If you ask some people in Japan what they think of the movie The New World, starring Colin Farrell as John Smith, they might tell you it stinks. But they won't necessarily mean that as an insult. A company that makes aromatherapy machines for homes has developed a fragance-emitting machine to go with this movie. Seven fragrances from rosemary to peppermint are available to be "played" along with The New World. As characters walk through the woods, for example, a scent of pine may waft through the room. In the future, movie theatres across Japan will be able to download programs to provide fragrances for other films, too. We’ve already got soundtracks; are "smelltracks" just around the corner? #ceas #japan #schneiderwind #tsutsui

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