EVP cameo - isolated paranormal - Acknowledging the Entities

Feb 28, 04:15 PM

Investigating the connections - Evolving our insight. Reality is more than we know.

I wanted to highlight the EVP surprise from a previous show. It appeared after I processed the track or I would have missed it. Even better - what it said.

This is a brief segment. Given the specific word chosen -- I believe this is an overt attempt to provide another indication of an interactive - NON-physical - presence.

Talking to Nightlights - Transdimensional/Interdimensional beings are capable - whatever label is applied - of interacting with us and influencing our reality, if and when the conditions are favorable.

My interaction with non-physical entities includes the 25 year relationship with the entities who activate and engage via my nightlights and other electronics.

Paranormal EVP activity is just one example of a non-corporeal/non-physical presence that inspires me to speak out about existence of those who - although lacking a human form - are quite capable of producing/creating/triggering an event that can be observed when we are fully engaged and investing our attention into our own spiritual progress - rather than getting caught up in ongoing superficial distractions - that may or may not seem more 'real.'

Listen for my words "the dog said, "hey, dude, wake up." EVP audio after that sentence. The word is "Nightlight" ...

This segment is taken from the previous show at Link: https://audioboom.com/posts/8225850-acknowledging-the-entities-aka-the-elephant-in-the-room

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