Eric Bieniemy Comes To Washington

Mar 02, 2023, 08:53 AM

In an excerpt from The Read Optional Podcast, Ollie Connolly is joined by Mark Bullock to breakdown Eric Bieniemy leaving the Chiefs to the OC in Washington. They discuss:

  • The latest goings on with Daniel Snyder and the ownership situation
  • Whether Snyder’s pettiness will cost the team
  • What went wrong for Scott Turner in 2022
  • Philosophy versus scheme
  • Whether it matters if someone is a play-caller or gameplan builder
  • Whether you’d rather have a high-end gameplan builder or a high-end play-caller
  • How NFL staffs build out and execute a plan collaboratively
  • Some of the key principles of the Chiefs offense with Bieniemy and Andy Reid — and what Bieniemy can transplant to Washington
  • How to separate out the design of the offense from the game-breaking players — and what will be transferable and not with the current Washington roster
  • Which iteration of the Chiefs’ offense under Bieniemy would be best suited for the Commanders roster
  • How Sam Howell could feature in a Bieniemy offense
  • What would be the ideal offense for Howell
  • What cosmetic work the Commanders would have to do this offseason to build out the right roster to maximize Howell
  • A whole bunch more!

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